An armoire is a closet which is standing upright allowing you to store clothes. Back in the early days, the chest was considered to be a wardrobe and throughout the years the designs of it has changes.There are many types of wardrobes that are found globally and therefore, it can be tricky to find the one that will suit you and your home. Singapore has various types of armoires that can be found in furniture stores. Many furniture manufacturers are now coming with new designs and it can be quite annoying when you cannot seem to decide.This guide will describe the different type of armoire you will find when you search for wardrobe Singapore on the Internet.


A shaker armoire is very simple compared to all the other designed ones available. It looks quite astonishing as it has legs that are very thing and is simple in design. The shaker can fit into any bedroom and will also blend in well with the rest of the furniture in the room. Shakers are affordable, and you will not feel the strain to your wallet.



This French style armoire is the complete opposite of the shaker armoires in terms of design and physical appearances. Its design is very complex when compared to the other varieties of armoire. The designs are carved carefully into the pelmet and wood and you will find this on the doors and the feet. Another thing to keep in mind so that you can identify a French armoire is that is looks more like an historical and antique piece of furniture. Therefore, you need to plan out the pieces of furniture you will use in the bedroom that will match the wardrobe.



The colour of your preference will be painted on the wooden wardrobe which is a soft wood. If you decide to change the colour palette in your bedroom you can paint over it easily. If you are a person who likes to change the colour of the walls a lot you can purchase this type of wardrobe.


There are many armoires that have a mix of different styles on it. There are French- Rustic styles wardrobes and French and painted armoires that will take your breath away. Some armoires might be a shaker however, painted the colour of your preference.You can either pre-design the wardrobe the way you like and get someone to make it for you so that is fits your bedroom or you can buy the wardrobe and then decide the rest of the furniture you will purchase.

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