You might be someone who wants a house that’s not plainly painted. You may want it painted decoratively. Are you ready to replace your boring wall with an all new and amazing look? Painting in various and decorative way is far better as it last longer than putting a wallpaper. Painting your walls in different pattern and texture will give your walls a look which is like no other. The following are painting styles and techniques that you can use to give your wall an artistic look.

1. Marbleizing

This is a technique which dates back centuries ago but it came back to life due to the trend of using marble in making furniture and other accessories. It is done by imitating the polished look of a marble as it creates a distinctive and varied pattern. Marbleizing is a technique that is usually used in building to save money. It is used as substitute to real marbles to accessorize the walls as they cost too much

2. Strié

This technique makes use of a glaze and a paint brush to come up with a soft and natural striped texture. It can be changed in many ways and the pattern could be horizontal or vertical or a combination of both. It is also known as the dragging technique and it straightforward which requires you to work at a fast pace. It creates a light colored on your walls to accessorize your house.

3. Painted Floors

This is a tricky and more permanent pattern which makes it the bravest paint choice that someone can choose. This is probably a risky yet decorative way to change your rugs and carpets. If you are someone who loves to play around, this could be your time to be creative in designing the floor of your house. It also has the capacity to mimic floor tiles and designs. It all depends on the painter and that is why you should only go for best painting in Brisbane. Painted floors have the capacity to transform your boring walls into a piece of art.

4. Splatter Paint Effect

Splatter paint effect is a fun way enjoyable way of painting your walls with vibrant paint colours. This is a technique which allows you to play around and be creative as long as you want. This can be specifically achieved by diluting the paint with water to create a wash and you have to create layers of colours for a different texture.

Painting is no longer as boring as before. It has changed its way too as the way of life advances. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the creative mind. Unleash your creativity to come up with a work of art on your walls. Gone are the days where painting as just in plan tones. There are a lot of techniques used nowadays to enhance the overall appeal of your house.

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