If you want to increase the spaciousness of your home, then glass could be your new best friend. Why do we say so? Read ahead to find out.

Bring Your Outdoors into Your Living Room

Does your home have plenty of gardens, both small and large? If it does, then without a doubt you might have included large windows such as French windows to make sure you get in as much of the garden’s view as you possibly can for your home. However, it is possible for you to take it a step further when bringing the great outdoors, indoors. If you have a back garden that is secure and private, then consider taking down the wall at the rear of your home, and replacing it with glass. Contact glass suppliers Perth based, or those in your locality, to get an estimate on how much it would cost you.

Shower Spaces Will Never Feel Cramped Again

Are you tired of battling your shower curtains while showering? Does it weird you out when the curtains stick on you every time you bump against it while showering? If so, installing a glass shower stall will be a great idea for you. Not only will it solve this irritation for you, it will also increase the brightness of your bathroom, as well as its spaciousness. To further increase this illusion of space, consider installing long vertical tiles for your shower stalls. This creates the illusion of height.

Hulking Stairways No More

If you don’t live in a single story house, then it’s obvious that you will be having a stairway in your home. While this certainly is a necessity in the most practical of ways, it also has an unfortunate attribute that sometimes can appear hulking and space taking. Generally, the colour of the staircase, the material of it, and even the stickers used (from the recent popularity) are to blame. However, the railing too plays a large part in making your stairway appear slimmer and less hulking. And while iron railing can look quite beautiful and artistic, if space is your issue, then it’s best to opt for a glass stairway railing.

All the Space You Need For Your Kitchen…Without the Bulk

Small kitchens can feel pretty nightmarish. For sure, they are convenient when you don’t want to move around a lot or if you don’t really like cooking; but if you do like cooking, and tend to spend a large part of your day within that space, then it can feel frustrating. But beyond frustration, you will also have the issue of storage space, and the usual pantry cabinets will only manage to make your space appear smaller. A simple solution for this would be that you have the cabinets and the shelves made out of glass. This will not only make your kitchen space appear larger, but it will also force you to run a neat and tidy kitchen.

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