We all know the feeling of stepping into a five star hotel where the entire room experience feels amazing. All of us wish that we could have a house like that but then we tend to hold ourselves back thinking that all of these could be very expensive to maintain. However, this is not the case and here are few ways that will make your house look expensive too.

Start With Proper Planning

Map out the layout of your house on paper and plan what kind of theme you would like for each room. For example the kid’s room might have a playful field so you could have blue theme by painting the beds in blue. Paint is inexpensive and by having a nice shade of turquoise blue can really give that catchy feeling to the children. Incase if you are still unsure you can always Google some house interior images to see the kind of finish the paint will give.

Accessories to Match the Theme

There is no right or wrong accessories, each room is a blank slate and it’s up to you to know what items would match each room.  Pay special attention to the floors. For example there are many companies that offer laminate flooring Melbourne that provide beautiful wooden designs that can give a nice antique feel to the living room in your house. Not only that, wooden floors are usually the most hygienic option as they are so easy to clean up.

Change the Old Fixtures

This is the easiest way to update your house. You might have been living in a house for 10, 15 or more years, and during this timeline things break or become loose. This might be your sink, taps, doorknobs, handles and so forth. These are very inexpensive items but add a lot of detail to your house. So be sure to look around your house and start replacing these for a brand new look.

Throw Away (Sell Off) Any Old Items

This is not a hard and fast rule, but you do understand that the old vase that you bought in 1990 when you first moved into the house does not match the new table anymore. A lot of people don’t like to throw away things as it cost them money initially, so just go around your house look for the items that are really old and have garage sale to sell it off. This way you won’t have compromised on the house and also made some money.

Really Long Curtains

Have you ever been to a theatre? Have you noticed why the curtains hang all the way from the top? Tall drapery will really improve the look of your room. It adds an additional oomph factor and from the moment you enter the room it attracts attention to the height of the room and adds instant drama. If you want your room to be really catchy makes sure you make the curtains and important part of the space.

There are additional things that you may do such as purchase new furniture to match the theme of each room, buy art to hang on the wall and so forth but that will mean you have to completely redecorate you entire house and not a lot of people might be willing to do that due to the economic factor. But by adhering to the above tips you can take a small step to give a fresh look and feel to your house.

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