A room’s lighting sets its ambiance. If it is brightly lit, it is more inviting. If it’s dim, it’s more intimate. It is best to examine each room and determine the best way to light up these rooms. Below are tips on how you could improve the lighting in every part of your home to use them efficiently, improve each room’s functionality and to give them an updated and fresh new look.

Living Room

One of the rooms in your house that ought to be brightly lit is the living room since this is where you often entertain guests and where you and your family hang out to catch up with one another or play charades during game night. Choose to have reflective floors in the living room. Wooden floors or stone floors that are polished will reflect more light making the room brighter. If you prefer to have carpeted floor, put in carpets that are neutral in colours. Pay particular attention to colours when choosing your furniture and accessories. Dark coloured curtains and blinds could block natural light coming in from doors and windows.


Perhaps one of the rooms in the house that is a bit tricky to design when it comes to lighting fixtures in the bedroom. In theory, bedrooms are supposed to be dimly lit at night to encourage sleep and bright in the morning to wake up the senses when it is time to start the day. The trick is finding the balance. Buy linens that are dark but paint the walls and install a carpet that is light in colour. Add brightness with artificial lighting. Install bedroom lamps in dark nooks and corners and on nightstands so you could read without interrupting your partner’s sleep. Add other sources of light in your walk in closets to avoid late night fumbles when you need to change into your PJs.


Like the Living Room, your kitchen must be adequately lit in order to avoid accidents while cutting vegetables and frying with hot oil splashing everywhere. Making the kitchen brighter is actually easier since most of kitchen appliances have reflective surfaces that could distribute light. Glasses, metallic and mirrors surfaces could make the most out of natural and artificial light in the room. Properly light your countertop so you could easily finish your meal prep, follow recipes correctly and find the correct ingredients from the cupboard.


Similar to kitchens, accidents are prone to happen if the bathroom is poorly lit. You or your family could slip or you could end up shampooing your hair using hair removal cream. If your bathroom is small opt for light sources that are mounted on walls or pendant lights to free up floor or counter spaces. Bathrooms could also be lit with candles and serve as ambient lighting.


Functional porch lights are mainly installed for security. It lights up every home’s entryway making it easier for family and friends to avoid tripping on uneven pavements or loose objects. It could also let you see who is behind the door of someone knocked or rang the doorbell and if it is safe to open it. A brightly lit porch could also prevent burglars from targeting the home.

Proper lights are important in every home. Select lights that are durable and practical that could serve their purpose. Strive to have at least three different source of lighting in every part of your home. It will help evenly distribute the light and showcase design elements that make your home truly unique.

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