Too busy to care for your lawn? Most of us love a lush lawn, but don’t have much time in our busy schedules to actually dedicate to lawn care. If that’s the case with you, then here are some basic tips for making sure your lawn is not drying out:

Outsource the Mowing

Definitely, the most time-consuming aspect of lawn care is the mowing. A good lawn requires constant, if not daily, trimming to prevent overgrowth. Over-mowing is a problem too. Mowing when the grass is too low can result in dry patches.

When you are busy, you may not have enough time on hand to trim the grass as needed. The frequency of doing this would depend on the type of grass you have. Neglect can cause a lot of problems for the lawn. It can grow out of shape and perhaps even accumulate weeds.

Therefore, it’s best to hire a service like Jim’s mowing Melbourne to take care of the mowing needs of your lawn in a timely manner. It won’t add to your schedule and the lawn would be taken care of in a professional manner.

Schedule Fertilising the Lawn

Ideally, you should feed your lawn fertiliser at least three times in the year, during all seasons except winter. When you are busy, that might be difficult to handle. However, you can manage by fertilising it just once a year.

When you are feeding the lawn only once annually, schedule it to Spring. Choose a high-quality fertiliser to give the grass all the nutrients it require. You only need to spend about 10 or 15 minutes fertilising if your laws is average size.

A slow-release fertiliser can last up to three months, or even more. These formulas are concentrated, so the benefits last all year. You must fertilise your lawn like this at least once a year to prevent diseases like dry patches. Your lawn would look green and lush with the right fertiliser applied during the right time of the year.

Invest in a Good Lawn Sprinkler

A good sprinkler system can save you loads of time watering the lawn. Lawns require a lot of watering, especially in Victoria when some seasons can run particularly dry. To make the watering process as convenient as possible, choose sprinkler with an adjustable pattern. You can adjust it to water the grass only, and avoid wasting water on non-grassy surfaces.

A sprinkler tap with a timer is the best for busy people. The sprinkler system would automatically turn off with a timer, just in case you forget it. You won’t have to come back to turn it off either.

Aerate the Lawn on Time

Aerating is a process that allows the grass roots to penetrate the soil better. Over time, the soil on lawns will experience compaction. It can happen with a lot of foot traffic, but even moderate foot traffic results in this problem.

Compaction should be undone to allow grass to grow properly. Aerating the lawn is relatively easy. You can use a rake, a spiked lawn roller, or a garden fork to make the soil less pressed. It would take some time to do. Use a rake to remove dead grass and other material that contributes to compaction.

You don’t have to aerate the lawn all the time, like mowing. Therefore, make time on a weekend to get it done if you are too busy on weekdays.

Use the above tips to take good care of your lawn even when you are really busy. Fixing a neglected lawn can be even more expensive and time consuming.

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